Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm middle aged. It's time to learn how to cook.

Ok, so I can sort of cook. I know how to follow a recipe and I make fudge like a pro. But, I don't really know how to "cook". I'm ashamed to say that I make Hamburger Helper more then I care to admit. But, my kids LOVE it. When I do try something new I'm met with confusion and a lot of pointing asking what it is. Food is what brings people together, and taking the time to slave over
a stove and create a master piece that ignites loads of yummy noises is going to be my new goal in life. I raided Amazon and purchased a ton of cookbooks, and an Autobiography on Mother Teresa since this is going to take large amounts of patience.

I found some wonderfully unique cooking utensils on Etsy.

Peruvian Walnut Cheeseboard from


This hand-cut Peruvian walnut cutting board makes a striking addition to any kitchen. The deep shade of walnut is elegant and rich. This hardwood is sturdy (shock-resistant) and is treated with food-safe oil. From the time of ancient Greeks until well into modern European history, walnuts symbolized fertility and were strewn at weddings. Walnut wood develops a rich patina that grows more lustrous with age. This square cutting board is 8 inches in length and 5.5 inches wide.

Hand Forged Broad Bladed Knife With Spalted Maple Handle from


AR29 – This broad bladed drop point knife is 10 3/8”overall, with a 5 ¼” blade. It is hand forged from 1095 high carbon steel. Its general design says camp knife to me, but it could be a kitchen knife, or a hunter or skinner, or many other things. It has a partial hidden tang. The bronze guard flows smoothly into the Gabon ebony and spalted and figured maple handle. The piece is held together by a peened brass pin and brass lanyard hole. It is stamped AR29. 1095 high carbon steel: A fine traditional knife making steel, holds a good edge, fairly tough, and easy to heat treat. This is not a stainless steel, so it will rust.

A wonderful Cherry Wood Spatula from Grand Prairie Woodworks
Wood spatulas are the best thing you can use on Teflon or any other pan for that matter! You can extend the life of all your pans by using a wooden spatula. The curved shaped of these spatulas make them easy to cook with. Hand crafted of one piece of hand selected Cherry and is finished with my food safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax I call Board Balm. 12" long, 2" at the widest with a pleasing curve that feels great in your hand. Care instructions included.


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