Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok Kiddos! Its bibliophile day!!!!

I love books!!!  Any book is a treasure to me.  I especially have a passion for old books.  For some reason reading through the pages knowing people through the generation have been reading the same book brings me some weird contentment.  I wanted to pass along some wonderful Etsy items for the other bibliophiles on the planet.

This book is courtesy of  PETITBROCANTE
French missal

MISSEL de pelerinage pour l'Alsace Lorraine

Circa 1920s/1930s

Black cover with golden roses and leaf print
Gold paper page sides
Nice black and golden print paper inside
448 pages with many illustrations
measurments:6" x 3 1/4"(15 cm x 8,5 cm)
condition:the cover is damaged at 3 different places

The next item featured is from armadelartworks 

Leather and brass bound journal (with replaceable pages)

Heirloom Book

This unique book was handmade to last forever. Finely crafted from mahogany wood and high quality leather, it is bound in solid brass fittings with acid free paper and is superbly suited for a personal journal, family history or genealogy, guest book, sketch journal, portfolio art archive, or permanent binding for any printed material.
The pages are replaceable with standard sized paper (8 ½”x 11” three hole punch), so when the archive is completed or you make a mistake simply unscrew the brass fitting bolts with a screwdriver and replace the pages!
Each book is individually designed and constructed, ensuring the highest quality of craftsmanship. In the posted pictures the carved brass keyhole can be seen, with a small mirror behind. the back cover is the same. the inside is lined in red velvet. 



Last but not least is a creation from lapaperie  

Robert Frost . Road Not Taken . handbound leather journal . chestnut brown (320 pgs.)

The front page has lovely black&white photo captioned with the above Robert Frost quote from his beloved poem, "The Road Not Taken".

The leather is a richly textured chestnut brown cowhide complete with some minor scratches, which make for a rugged aged look. A brown satin ribbon wraps around the book several times and finally around a lovely handmade ceramic button (by muddymuse.etsy.com), protecting the pages within and keeping the book securely closed.

The book measures approx. 5.5" x 4.25" and over 1" thick. The page sections have been hand-stitched to the leather cover with beeswaxed Irish linen thread, which is visible on the spine; it's a very sturdy and attractive binding.

It boasts 320-pages (both sides) of good quality white unlined 28 lb./105 gsm writing paper with handtorn edges - it's acid free, archival, and 3rd party certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (high quality paper with a conscience!). The journal opens flat so you can write all the way into the margins.

Each book comes with a little "card of interest" containing information about your book (the history of the binding, the type of stitch) - which makes a lovely addition as a gift.



Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm officially channeling Julia Child

My first attempt at cooking was a HUGE success.  It was my Mothers birthday so I made chicken cordon bleu, asparagus with the much feared hollandaise sauce.  I have heard horror stories of curdled sauce and I figured I would have to attempt it a few dozen times.  But, luck would have it the first batch was perfect.  My Mom is encouraging me so much she even bought me a new set of pots and pans. 

So for a Mother's Day Extravaganza I'm hoping lighting will strike twice and create another tasty meal of  Paupiettes de Boeuf.

In honor of Mother's Day I found some great and unique gift ideas on Etsy.

The first goodie I found is from reimaginedtreasures

This ruffled full apron is hand sewn from beautiful recycled 1950's pink toile dotted with lime green and turquoise pears and apples. Above the ruffle is a retro lime and white daisy trim! A row of little lime buttons decorates the bodice. (J. Manes fabric labeled "Victorian Fruit")
For me it evokes baking and hanging out the laundry with my great-grandma, who was never without her apron in the house or garden! The gorgeous hand embroidered pockets are upcycled from what was once a table runner! I just love the flower baskets overflowing with posies...like a spring day of strolling and gathering and smelling and breathing deeply!

Adjustable neck and waist ties, so FITS TO SIZE 16. Long length.

Pre-shrunk. Machine wash cool to warm. Tumble dry low, or hang it on the line like grandma did for a fantastic fresh smell!

This amazing sock monkey is from ThankYouDonnie

Genuine Two Headed Sock Monkey! Unique Mother's Day Gift!
Flowers? Yes
Chocolates? Sure, why not?
But really, nothing says "I love you Mom" like a two headed circus side show....
Mom will understand, you've always been the weird one in the family anyway.
These ladies are about 20" long from heads to toes. They are made from 2 pairs of Rockford Red Heel socks and are stuffed with new polyfil.
Their dress is upcycled velvet from somewhere, maybe off the elephant's headdress, I don't know.
Their hats are mismatched gaudy clip on earrings from my stash of mismatched gaudy clip on earrings.
They like to wear lots of costume jewelry and flirt with your boyfriend.
They have boobies.
Not intended as a toy for children.
(No real monkeys were harmed in this process)

The last artist is mulberrymoose

Mom and Baby (snug in a little blanket)
New to the collection, Mini Marble Moms and Newborns.
Perfect for Mother's Day.

Mini Marble Friends came about from my enjoyment of making my marbled buttons.I thought it would be fun to make little characters in the same way. Thus, Mini Marble Friends were born. Each is hand sculpted, painted and glazed. I then add a little yarn hairdo or hat or accessories as the final touch.They are about 1 1/4 inches tall not including their hair or hat. Each is a one of a kind.  They are signed and dated on the bottom.
They are for decorative purposes and not intended to be used as a toy

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm middle aged. It's time to learn how to cook.

Ok, so I can sort of cook. I know how to follow a recipe and I make fudge like a pro. But, I don't really know how to "cook". I'm ashamed to say that I make Hamburger Helper more then I care to admit. But, my kids LOVE it. When I do try something new I'm met with confusion and a lot of pointing asking what it is. Food is what brings people together, and taking the time to slave over
a stove and create a master piece that ignites loads of yummy noises is going to be my new goal in life. I raided Amazon and purchased a ton of cookbooks, and an Autobiography on Mother Teresa since this is going to take large amounts of patience.

I found some wonderfully unique cooking utensils on Etsy.

Peruvian Walnut Cheeseboard from


This hand-cut Peruvian walnut cutting board makes a striking addition to any kitchen. The deep shade of walnut is elegant and rich. This hardwood is sturdy (shock-resistant) and is treated with food-safe oil. From the time of ancient Greeks until well into modern European history, walnuts symbolized fertility and were strewn at weddings. Walnut wood develops a rich patina that grows more lustrous with age. This square cutting board is 8 inches in length and 5.5 inches wide.

Hand Forged Broad Bladed Knife With Spalted Maple Handle from


AR29 – This broad bladed drop point knife is 10 3/8”overall, with a 5 ¼” blade. It is hand forged from 1095 high carbon steel. Its general design says camp knife to me, but it could be a kitchen knife, or a hunter or skinner, or many other things. It has a partial hidden tang. The bronze guard flows smoothly into the Gabon ebony and spalted and figured maple handle. The piece is held together by a peened brass pin and brass lanyard hole. It is stamped AR29. 1095 high carbon steel: A fine traditional knife making steel, holds a good edge, fairly tough, and easy to heat treat. This is not a stainless steel, so it will rust.

A wonderful Cherry Wood Spatula from Grand Prairie Woodworks
Wood spatulas are the best thing you can use on Teflon or any other pan for that matter! You can extend the life of all your pans by using a wooden spatula. The curved shaped of these spatulas make them easy to cook with. Hand crafted of one piece of hand selected Cherry and is finished with my food safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax I call Board Balm. 12" long, 2" at the widest with a pleasing curve that feels great in your hand. Care instructions included.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gah! Who likes Valentines Day??

I have never been a fan of Valentines Day. Maybe its due to the fact one year I received a blender, yes, a blender. So here are some of my favorite Etsy finds to give Hallmark the finger.

SCREW VALENTINE'S DAY - Brass Antiqued CHARM Necklace

SCREW VALENTINE'S DAY - Brass Antiqued CHARM Necklace SCREW VALENTINE'S DAY - Brass Antiqued CHARM Necklace


Offered here is a HAND CRAFTED ONE OF A KIND altered art charm necklace.

The focal point is crafted from a glass tile with decoupaged image & glitter detail.

Chain is "antique brass" in color and antique brass in metal.

Chain is 15 inches in length with a few inches of dangles in charms.



This hot pink and rich red photo of a sunflower and a bee, say Love stings......boycott valentine's day! For the disenchanted, disillusioned and disgusted!!

This is for a set of four 4.5x7 inch blank anti valentine's day cards. They are borderless and come with white envelopes.

cUpid is a DeAd cHerub ANTI VALENTINE bipolar cards SET OF 4 with envelopes

cUpid is a DeAd cHerub ANTI VALENTINE bipolar cards SET OF 4 with envelopes cUpid is a DeAd cHerub ANTI VALENTINE bipolar cards SET OF 4 with envelopes cUpid is a DeAd cHerub ANTI VALENTINE bipolar cards SET OF 4 with envelopes cUpid is a DeAd cHerub ANTI VALENTINE bipolar cards SET OF 4 with envelopes cUpid is a DeAd cHerub ANTI VALENTINE bipolar cards SET OF 4 with envelopes


Bipolar Betty thanks you
for your interest in her
hand stamped cards.

She doesn't use pens or pencils.
Things with a point are dangerous.

This listing is for a set of
4 cards, printed
on savy cardstock & comes with
4 lovely envelopes for you to
send off to the peeps who know
your plight best.

Outside: After the year that I've had
when I get my hands on cupid he will be
one sorry fat fucking cherub.
Inside: Happy Anti-Valtnines Day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cool finds of the day!

I decided to start blogging about the amazing art, and oddities found on Etsy. If you can't find a gift for that certain person then you are just not trying hard enough. I love that Etsy has given a venue for these artists to share their work.

This first bit of awesomeness comes from TemporaryInsanity

Betty Likes to Bake! Art Doll/Altered Art

It’s no secret that Betty likes to bake. Cakes, cookies, pies, she’s always trying something new. Betty is perpetually happy when she’s in the kitchen serving up a little love. She knows that a chocolate cake cure just about anything, but the thing she likes the best is the feeling she gets when she ties on her apron and prances around in her heels. It’s a better world with Betty in it.

Betty is made from a doorplate, the head of a vintage desk lamp, bobbin legs, rusty hooks make her high heels, and her hair which is perfectly coiffed, is made from two drapery tie backs.

Betty is approximately 2 feet tall and 10" wide. She has a hook on her back so she can hang from
the wall.

I love this artist and have been watching/stalking (in a nice way of course) his work ever since he became a featured seller. billyblue22 has been handcrafting some of the most unique jewelry for over 20 years.
This beautifully carved bobcat skull pendant was lost wax cast and mirror polished here in NYC. The original wax was carved from an anatomy drawing. No bobcats were injured.

This piece measures about an inch and a quarter long. It has a nice weight and is amazingly detailed. The skull comes on an 18 inch Italian made Sterling silver popcorn style chain with Sterling clasp. They look great together.

Look closely at the skull fissures and details. It's a very nice piece.

This and all my pieces come wrapped carefully in nice tissue paper in gold gift box.

The next neato find comes from loopyboopy
Gibby plans to join the circus and become a fire eater, so why, she wonders, does she need to know algebra?

Gibby is completely hand sculpted and painted in acrylics and pastels. Her clothing is hand made from vintage fabrics and lace. She has glass eyes and wool for hair. She measures approx 14" tall. She is poseable.

All of my dolls are completely hand made except for some accessories which are usually altered. You may well see tiny stitches, perhaps a fingerprint in the clay or paint or spots of glue here and there. Tiny imperfections and signs of a handmade item.

With AMAZING artists such as these on Etsy there is no excuse to ever buy a mundane gift again.

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